May 17, 2022 Primary Election

Important Dates

Please check back for additional dates and Election information.  

Sept 9 First day to file for County positions
Feb 25 Deadline to file Measure Notice
Mar 8 Candidate filing deadline
  10 Voters Pamphlet deadline for Candidate Statements
  11 Deadline for Candidacy Withdrawal
  17 Deadline to file Noticed Measure
  21 Voters' Pamphlet Measure Argument Deadline and City of Portland Candidate Statements
May 17 Election Day

Open Positions

 Clackamas County Elections is now accepting filings for the May 17, 2022 Primary Election.  

Positions Filing: Fee / Petition
County Commissioner, Position 2  
      Paul Savas 9/10/2021-by fee
County Commissioner, Position 5  
County Assessor  
County Clerk  
      Catherine McMullen   9/9/2021-by fee
County Treasurer  
Justice of the Peace n/a
      Karen Brisbin 9/9/2021

 Clackamas County Elections is now accepting filings for the May 17, 2022 Primary Election. 

 How to file for an open position:

  1. Review: Qualifications
  2. Complete:  Candidate Filing form
  3. Determine Filing Method: Fee- $50 cash or check only OR by Petition (500 signatures)
  4. Submit: Sept 9, 2021 - March 8, 2022

PCP Filings for the May 2022 Primary Election:

PCP filing rules were changed in 2020 to allow PCP filings to be accepted 250 days before the Primary election.  The 2022 Primary Election cycle impacts those changes because of the redistricting process.  State Elections has published the following instructions for those individuals interested in filing for PCP by declaration:

*Due to the delay in receiving 2020 U.S. Census population data, precinct boundaries will not be finalized by September 9, 2021 which is first day to file. As a result, the precinct associated with your address may change. Candidates are encouraged to wait until the precinct boundaries are final before filing. If you file a declaration of candidacy for PCP before redistricting has been completed then you should contact the County Elections Office before the candidate filing deadline of March 8, 2022 and verify that you are a candidate in the correct precinct. If you will not qualify within the redrawn precinct boundary lines, the original filing will need to be withdrawn and a new filing submitted within the correct precinct.

Furthermore, Clackamas County Elections will update PCP calculations once re-districting is complete.  While we do not have a projected completion date, notification of the new calculations will be communicated to the Party Chair’s and posted on this page.

Once posted, Candidates will then be able to verify their correct precinct and submit filings prior to the deadline.  Filing for Precinct Committeeperson by declaration will close on March 8, 2022.



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