Active Petition Information

Petitions are listed here as they are submitted in Clackamas County.  Only petitions that are filed with the County Clerk's office will be listed. 

For information about statewide petitions, contact the Secretary of State's office or search their online database

For information about city petitions, contact your city recorder's office.

Active Petitions


Clackamas County Initiative and Referendum Petition Information -  Please contact Clackamas County Elections if you have any questions at Clackamas County petitions are filed with Clackamas County Elections.

  • Clackamas County Initiative procedures 
  • Clackamas County Referendum procedures
  • Clackamas County petition signature requirements - Numbers based on total votes for Governor in Clackamas County: 200,266 (Nov 2018)
    • Charter amendments initiative: 16,022 (8%)
    • Ordinance initiative: 12,016 (6%)
    • Referendum: 8,011 (4%)
  • Initiative and Referendum Manual (PDF) - County, City & District (produced by the Oregon Secretary of State's office)
  • Clackamas County Home Rule Charter (PDF)
  • Clackamas County Code - Chapter 5: Elections

Petition Information for other Districts

  • Metro petition signature requirements - Numbers based on total votes for Governor in Metro District (portions of Multnomah, Clackamas & Washington county): 746,067 - Nov. 2018. Metro petitions are filed with Multnomah County Elections
    • Charter amendment by initiative: 59,686 (8%)
    • Ordinance by initiative: 44,765 (6%)
    • Petition by Referendum: 29,843 (4%)
  • Special Districts (Community College, School, Water and Fire) - Petitions for Special Districts are filed with the county where the District Administrative Headquarters are located.
    • For special district initiative and referendum petition numbers, please contact Clackamas County Elections
  • State of Oregon - for State of Oregon petitions, please contact the Elections Division Oregon Secretary of State's Elections Division. office 
  • City initiative and referendum petition numbers, please contact the city elections clerk. City petitions are filed with the City Elections/Recorder for each city.
  • Link to petition filings for State of Oregon.

Inactive/Archived Petitions