HMSPal Direct Deposit

New to Direct Deposit? Follow these steps to access your electronic payment detail.

  1. Go to HMS PAL™

    Your screen will look like this:

    HMS PAL login screen

  2. Click on "Register"

    Your screen now looks like this:

    HMS PAL registration screen

  3. Complete the boxes and then choose "Submit"

    HMS Pal will respond Registration Successful.

  4. Return to the login page and enter your username and password then click on "Submit"

    You should see up to 18 months of electronic deposit history including the payment number, date and amount.

    On this screen you may choose to see Payment Details or change your Email Settings to recieve an email when an electronic payment is deposited.

    Common problems include using the same email account of more than one tax id number (or Social Security number) and discrepancies with the tax id/SS#.

    Contact customer support at for additional help.

    Please do not contact HACC for website assistance.


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