Moving to Work

The Housing Authority of Clackamas County (HACC) is in the process of applying for Moving to Work (MTW) status with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The MTW demonstration program provides select public housing authorities with a unique opportunity to design and test innovative, locally designed housing and self-sufficiency strategies for families with low incomes. MTW agencies have the flexibility to administer their public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs with policies that can address local needs.

Asset Building Cohort

In April 2022, HUD published PIH Notice 2022-11 seeking applications for the Asset Building Cohort of the MTW Expansion. This cohort will test asset building initiatives, which for this cohort are defined as activities that encourage the growth of savings accounts and/or aim to build credit for assisted households. Public Housing Authorities (PHA) must submit completed applications by July 28, 2022.

For more information on MTW please visit HUD’s website at


July 28
10 a.m.
Consent Agenda
Application was presented and approved.
July 13
10 a.m.

(previously 9:30 a.m.)
Public Hearings
A public hearing with the HACC Board. More information about this meeting will be provided on this page once it is finalized.

Application Process

Application Review and comment period: A draft of the MTW Plan and Application was posted for comments for 30 days, June 13-July 13.

The HACC residents services team reached out to community residents throughout the process of drafting the MTW work Plan and Application to gauge interest and gather feedback.  They even posted an article for residents in the Summer 
2022 Catch-All Chronical

On July 28, 2022, the Housing Authority of Clackamas County Board of Commissioners approved the final version of the MTW Plan and Application and requested it be submitted to HUD the same day to meet the 9 p.m. deadline.

Further updates on the application status will be posted here.

Frequently Asked Questions


Congress created the MTW program in 1996 as a demonstration program to allow housing authorities to alter HUD program rules for the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs, including policy changes and flexibility in how it spends HUD money.  The purpose is to identify areas where policy adjustments and local policy changes improve outcomes.  MTW agencies represent one percent (1%) of all housing authorities. HUD is in the process of adding another one hundred (100) agencies to the program.  MTW agencies are responsible for ensuring that the activities they pursue meet one or more of the following statutory objectives: 1) increase affordable housing choices, 2) increase cost effectiveness, and/or 3) promote self-sufficiency.


The MTW program will allow HACC to implement policy changes that will help it reduce costs and eliminate some of the current restrictions on how it spends the money it receives from HUD.  Clackamas County has seen significant increases in housing costs, making it likely that HACC will need to reduce the number of households it serves in the future without meaningful policy changes or cost reduction.  The MTW program would provide HACC with additional tools to reduce cost and to shift resources to help fill the funding gap. 


Each year, HACC may adopt new MTW activities using its MTW flexibility that may impact you, depending on the policy change and your family’s circumstances.  At the onset of the program, HACC will implement an asset-building program that includes a homeownership savings account element and a credit reporting element.  HACC will consider other policy changes, such as triennial reviews for fixed-income households, simplified utility allowances, and others that will help save money and shift the focus from paperwork and verifications to designing programs that will help clients succeed.


One of the statutory objectives of the MTW program is to increase the number of affordable housing units in the community.  MTW flexibility gives HACC additional ways it can spend the money it receives from HUD.  HACC will review a variety of options available using its MTW flexibility.  Some of the options include subsidizing Public Housing rents, converting its Public Housing units to Section 8, and investing its MTW funds in affordable housing developments in the community.


On July 28, 2022, HACC will ask its Board’s approval to submit its application to HUD.  If HACC’s application is successful, community members will have the opportunity to offer input and feedback into any of the initial policy changes it considers.  Additionally, HACC will engage in a public process each year to solicit feedback prior to submitting its Annual Plan to HUD with its proposed policy changes. 



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