Oregon City View Manor Sale Request

As the housing affordability issue grips the region, Clackamas County is taking proactive steps to address the issue head-on.

We have an aging infrastructure within our public housing community, ever-increasing numbers of families on housing waitlists and a dwindling source of federal funds that hinder our ability to house seniors, disabled persons and working families who make 80 percent or less of the area's median income.

We feel the most responsible way to address the crisis is to act immediately to find solutions, not to maintain a worsening status quo. Our immediate goal is to create 1,000 affordable housing units in the county by 2022. In the next 10 years, we plan to create nearly 1,800 affordable housing units.


Our Commitment

As the Housing Authority of Clackamas County, we are committed to serving our most vulnerable residents, including the homeless, seniors, disabled and residents with extremely low incomes (30 percent of the area median income and below).

Oregon City View Manor

Owned and operated by the Housing Authority of Clackamas County, Oregon City View Manor is a public housing community of 100 homes located on Holcomb Boulevard in Oregon City. The need for affordable housing in our county is great. Currently, we have more than 900 families on the waitlist who wait three to five years to move into these homes.

Oregon City View Manor consists of aging housing with severe capital improvement needs. We no longer receive enough money from the federal government to maintain the homes at the level of service they require. In fact, to maintain all of the county's public housing units, it costs approximately $2.2 million annually. HUD provides less than half of that -- about $800,000 -- to cover those expenses.

We are seeking permission from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to sell Oregon City View Manor and relocate the 100 families who live there.

This sale will enable us to develop approximately 800 affordable homes that will assist up to 2,400 low-income people by 2027.

Our Plan

We plan to redevelop affordable housing throughout the county -- both on land we own and land we purchase. Priority will be given to areas that are close to public transportation, employment, quality schools, grocery stores and other services. As part of the application to HUD, we will be submitting a detailed plan to replace the 100 homes at Oregon City View Manor.

How we're caring for residents who are being relocated

Every household at Oregon City View Manor will receive a Tenant Protection Voucher. These are new HUD vouchers that will not require tenants to be put on a waitlist.

In addition to the voucher, every family will receive the following relocation assistance:

  • Individual interviews and relocation plans developed for each household matching the needs and preferences of residents
  • Identification of at least three replacement homes for each displaced household, to be rented with the assistance of a voucher
  • Assistance to complete all applications, screening documents, and other move-in requirements for the replacement home
  • Coordination of professional packing, moving and transportation services

The Housing Authority will provide the following services in addition to the Relocation Consultant:

  • Coordination and issuance of a permanent voucher for the replacement home
  • Payment of all deposits and fees required for move in at the replacement home
  • Payment of all movers, packers, and other assistance required for physically moving residents into their replacement home
  • 42 months of rental difference payment if there is a discrepancy between
  • current Public Housing rent and rent under the voucher for the replacement home.

We are committed to ensuring every Oregon City View Manor family is successfully housed. We need your support of our application, which will help us bring 1,000 new homes to the low-income people of Clackamas County.


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