Library District of Clackamas County

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The District was formed with the purpose of acting as a fiscal agent in order to distribute property tax revenues raised by the District permanent rate to participating local governments who operate public libraries within Clackamas County.

The permanent rate approved by voters in November 2008 is $ 0.3974 per thousand of assessed value. Due to two successful annexation elections, the Library District now includes the city of Damascus and that portion of the City of Tualatin that lies inside Clackamas County. The small city of Johnson City is the only area in Clackamas County that is not part of the Library District.

100% of all funds collected are distributed to public libraries within Clackamas County for library operations. As part of their explanation of the Library District proposal, the Board of County Commissioners indicated to voters that no County administration would be charged against this fund so that more money would go directly to support libraries. The County will provide all necessary administrative support to the Library District for the collection and distribution of property tax revenues and will provide staff support to the Library District Board and the Library District Advisory Committee. There is no operating budget and the Library District has no staff.


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