Special Use Events

We have four parks with facilities to accommodate almost any event.

Examples that require a Special Use Permit

  • An organized group using a portion of the park not designated for group use
  • An activity that will require a structure such as a stage, large event tents, bleachers or other structures not normally found in the park
  • An activity that restricts public access to an area of a park such as a running or cycling event
  • A commercial film shoot that requires the public be excluded from a portion of the park

Examples that do not require a Special Use Permit

  • Family gatherings or other small events not restricting other park users
  • A wedding or similar event being held in a reservable facility within a park
  • Commercial photography using a hand held camera and no props and not restricting other park users
  • A school field trip using the park in a traditional manner: hiking on the trails or wildlife viewing
picnic areas
picnic areas
large tent
Barton Park 3 3 1
Eagle Fern Park 2 2  
Feyrer Park 1 2  
Metzler Park 2 2  
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