Breastfeeding Resources

Mother breastfeeding in a restaurant

WIC is here to help you reach your breastfeeding goals!

Our staff are trained, experienced and excited to help you gather information, set goals and get breastfeeding off to a good start. We have several free and flexible options available to meet your needs.

  • Peer Counselors: One-on-one support from mothers who are experienced with breastfeeding and have special training to help you breastfeed successfully.
  • Prenatal Groups: Our group sessions cover many topics related to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moms love to learn alongside other moms with similar due dates! Partners and/or other support people are welcome. Offered at our Oregon City office in English and Spanish.
  • Breastfeeding Classes: These one-time breastfeeding classes cover all the basics. What to expect, getting off to a good start, and more. Partners and/or other support people are welcome. Offered in Sandy, Wichita, and Canby (Spanish).
  • Other services: In person (including weight checks), phone, text, and email breastfeeding support during our walk in hours. Breast pumps may be available depending on circumstances.

We are here to support all WIC moms (including working/pumping moms) in breastfeeding their babies of all ages. Call us at 503-723-4932 for more information, or text CWIC to 85511 to receive a text from a breastfeeding peer counselor.

Need evening or weekend help?

  • Call your doctor or midwife's office.
  • Call the birth center or hospital where you delivered to talk with a Lactation Consultant or Postpartum Nurse.
  • Leave a message for us for non-urgent matters to be returned when we are in the office again (503-723-4932).
  • Call La Leche League or Nursing Mother's Counsel for peer support.

We look forward to working with you!

Clackamas County WIC, Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program
999 Library Court, Oregon City, OR 97045