Project Hope

Recovery supports for overdose survivors and those navigating the road to recovery

When you have a substance use disorder, navigating resources can be challenging. Project Hope surrounds people with support to help them achieve their goals.

Project Hope is a collaboration of community partners who respond to substance use, misuse and overdose with a multi-disciplinary approach. Community paramedics, the Clackamas County Public Health Division, peer recovery mentors, a case manager, law enforcement personnel and other community partners collaborate to assist those in need. Working along many access points in the community, this group identifies, refers, and supports those struggling with substance use through the complicated path of recovery.

Services include:

  • Access to treatment and harm reduction services
  • Assistance navigating the road to recovery through shared life experience
  • Overcoming barriers that prevent successful recovery:
    • Help with access to housing
    • Transportation
    • Health coverage
    • Employment
    • Health care
    • Medications for opioid use disorder

To be eligible for Project Hope, someone must be:

  • A resident of Clackamas County
  • Struggling with substance use or at risk for overdose
  • Interested in getting help to cut down on or quit using drugs

If you’re with an organization interesting in making referrals to Project Hope, please contact Apryl Herron at

Strategies and Goals

Evidence-based strategies


Targeted naloxone distribution

Gavel and block

Criminal justice interventions


Medication for opioid use disorder

Two hands clasping

Promotion of Good Samaritan Law


Linkage to syringe exchange programs

Healthcare cross

Healthcare system interventions

Hand with a heart on it

Recovery support

Project goals


Reduce the number of people who have a first time or repeat overdose on opioids or other drugs, thereby decreasing future 911 calls and hospital readmissions.

Person with rays coming from their head

Improve the quality of life for patients with substance use disorders.

Hands reaching for each other within a heart

Bridge gaps in care by connecting vulnerable patients to treatment and other critical resources.

How Project Hope Works

Using EMS reports, law enforcement, jail, clinic and other community partner referrals, the Project Hope team follows up with those in need via “knock and talks,” jail reach-ins and other follow-up to engage with individuals struggling with substance use. Once a connection is made, the supports are put into place to assist with recovery.

Project Hope addresses the social determinants of health and adverse childhood events in their approach to support the individual’s specific needs by connecting them to valuable community resources. Project Hope knows that where there’s breath, there’s hope. 

The Project Hope Team
Department Staff
Apryl Herron
Program Coordinator
Amber Potter
Certified Recovery Mentor
Connie Foster
Case Manager
Lindsay Cassista
Certified Recovery Mentor
Neil Clasen
Community Paramedic


2051 Kaen Road Suite 367 Oregon City, OR 97045

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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