Recycling For Residents of Multifamily Communities

Bag for recyclingYou play a very important role in your community's recycling efforts. Follow these steps to recycle often and recycle right:

  1. Locate the nearest garbage and recycling area(s) in your community. Ask your property manager to show you the area if you cannot find it.
  2. Learn what can be recycled - Mixed recycling consists of paper, metal, plastic bottles and tubs. Review the Recycle Guide (English | Español (Spanish) | Русский (Russian) | tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) | 中文 (Simple Chinese)) for what is accepted as recycling. Unsure about a specific item? Call Metro's Recycling Hotline (503-234-3000) to clarify if a material can be recycled. It is always best to follow this saying – "if in doubt, leave it out."
  3. Separate out materials - Keep mixed recyclables separated from your garbage. Rinse containers to remove food and flatten cardboard boxes before recycling to save space in the recycling container so your neighbors can recycle too.
  4. Bring recyclables to community recycling containers - Use a reusable bag to transport recyclables or if you decide to use a plastic bag, empty the recyclables into the recycling container and take your plastic bag back with you. Plastic bags do not belong in the recycling bins because they cause a lot of problems at the recycling sorting facilities.
  5. Learn how to manage materials that don't go in the garbage or recycling such as bulky items, electronics, fluorescent lamps and hazardous chemicals.

Your building's owner or property manager is responsible for providing and paying for garbage and recycling services. They're also responsible for providing you with information about how to recycle at move in, where collection areas are located, as well as offering a yearly reminder. Encourage your property owner or manager to take advantage of free recycling resources today!

Together you and your neighbors can help your community save on disposal costs, valuable resources and maintain a desirable place to live.

Interested in learning more about the recycling system?

Oregonians are proud recyclers. Learn how actions you take in your ordinary daily activities impact the environment and how you can positively effect change in your communities.


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