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Leaders in SustainablityThe Leaders in Sustainability certification program provides workplaces with guidance and recognition for meaningful achievements in sustainability practices. There are proven benefits of environmental, social and economic advancements (called the triple bottom line) for workplaces of all types and sizes. Organizations that go through the Leaders in Sustainability application process take concrete steps to:

Minimize waste

Conserve energy and water

Prevent pollution

Support staff and
the community

Why Get Certified?

Certification offers a simple path to sustainability in all aspects of your work. You’ll become part of a network of businesses sharing sustainability solutions and broadening one another’s reach.  By joining, your workplace can:

Be part of community of leaders with shared values

Meet sustainability peers; associate your brand with other green companies

Gain marketing recognition

Attract and retain the best talent


All certification levels require a Leader in Sustainability to:

  • Meet basic eligibility requirements above
  • Complete at least 1 practice in each of sections I-IX (pp. 2-6)
  • Identify a new sustainability goal on p. 7
  • Formalize the finished list of practices as official policies (see p. 7)

...and complete a minimum number of overall practices:

  • 1-39 employees on staff:
    • Certified: Complete at least 15 total practices
    • Silver: Complete at least 30 total practices
    • Gold: Complete at least 45 total practices
  • 40 or more employees:
    • Certified: Complete at least 20 total practices
    • Silver: Complete at least 40 total practices
    • Gold: Complete at least 60 total practices

Some corporations with fewer than 40 employees on site locally will need to reach the numbers of practices required of companies with 40 or more employees. This is to account for corporate-level policies, managed by corporate staff elsewhere, that help the location achieve certification.

Employee count dictates the numbers of practices required because some practices on this application are not feasible for smaller organizations. Larger organizations have larger environmental impacts but also larger budgets – and therefore have both the responsibility and the opportunity to do more.


Download the application 

Starting is easy. Download and save the application. We ask some basic questions about your business, then get in to best practices. Take your time.


Complete the application

  • Check off practices you currently follow and identify others that you want to explore. 
  • Get assistance through the process with our online sustainable best practices guide or we can connect you with a personal sustainability coach.
  • Once you are ready for verification and review, send your working application to

Schedule a consultation

We’ll review your application and be in touch to schedule a phone or Zoom check-in and verify your application.


Put into practice

Formalize the finished list of practices as official policy, operationalize practices, and ensure staff know expectations.


Celebrate and share

Receive your award, along with a door cling and plan additional promotion to share the good news with your staff and customers. Your company has worked hard to earn the Leaders in Sustainability certification!


Certification is valid for 3 years. Program criteria are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure standards are consistent with the latest best practices. Recertification is subject to the most current criteria. The last update was completed in January 2021.


Be Recognized

Leaders In Sustainability Award at TucciCertification lasts for 3 years. Certified workplaces receive:

Promote Your Certification

Lake Theatre

Your company has worked hard to earn Leaders in Sustainability recognition. Now that you have it, promote yourself! Here are just a few ways to incorporate Leaders in Sustainability into your marketing and promotion strategies:

  • Add the certification logo to marketing materials, your website, email signatures, business cards, etc.
  • Promote your accomplishment and green practices on social media
  • Tell customers and partner organizations about it
  • Show off your award and decal in places where people will see them
Leaders in Sustainability award in cabinet

Current Certified Leaders in Sustainability

These businesses have all demonstrated a commitment to sustainability through efforts in recycling and compost, energy and water efficiencies, sustainable transportation and community engagement.

128721, 127241, 127256, 127236, 127756, 127246, 127976, 134271, 159656, 159916
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