Industrial Pretreatment

As a result of a federal government (Environmental Protection Agency) mandate, we implemented an industrial pretreatment program in 1986.

Direct services provided by the program include industrial permitting, facility inspections, sampling, laboratory analysis and enforcement. Indirect services include: development of local limits, updating rules and regulations, load investigations, responding to regulatory authorities and conducting industrial surveys.

Our staff inspects the industrial pretreatment processes of businesses to eliminate illegal discharge of harmful chemicals into the sewage treatment process and collects wastewater samples to ensure industrial compliance with federal and state environmental regulations and local sewer ordinances.

WES Source Control

In addition to the federal and state-mandated Industrial Pretreatment Program, our Industrial Permits Division also administers other programs. These other programs include:

  • Septage receiving
  • Extra-strength billing
  • Restaurant fats, oils and grease (FOG) reduction
  • Illicit discharge investigation
  • Surface water sampling
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Mercury minimization activities

Industrial Pretreatment

Fats, Oil and Grease

Septage Receiving

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