Zoom Meetings

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We want to make participating in meetings as convenient as possible because your opinions are important to us. We use the video platform called Zoom. A Zoom account is not required if you are strictly joining as a participant. You can join using your phone or computer. 

Using Zoom

  • When you click the Zoom link on a specific meeting page, you will be able to watch the meeting in progress. 
  • When you join the meeting, you will not be able to speak until you are called upon to do so by the moderator. Your mic will be muted. Your video will also not be turned on at any time. 
  • There are designated times during the meeting when it will be open for public comment/testimony. A county staff/moderator will make it clear when this is. 
  • If you want to provide a comment/testimony, you will be instructed to utilize the “Raise Hand” feature. Attendees on PC and iPad: You have a “Raise Hand” button on the Zoom Bar (Top or Bottom depending on device)
  • When you are switched over to provide a comment/testimony, your screen will look different for a little while. Primarily, you will see all participants’ cameras — not just the one who is speaking. Do not be alarmed, this is correct. 



Give your comments at the Zoom meeting

  • Be sure to provide your name and area of residence when you begin your comment.
  • Once you have provided your comment, your mic will be muted and your screen will be returned to normal. 

Email your question for the public record

You are also welcome to email your statement related to county business to bcc@clackamas.us ahead of a Business Meeting. These emails will be passed on to commissioners and accepted as part of the public record.


Items will not begin before the time noted, but may begin later depending on the length of preceding items. All interested parties are invited to “attend” the hearing online or by telephone and will be provided with an opportunity to testify orally, if they so choose. Applications may be viewed online. After selecting the “Planning” tab, enter the Record (File) number to search.  Then scroll down and select “Attachments,” where you will find the submitted application. Please direct all calls and correspondence to the staff member listed below.

Give your testimony at the Zoom hearing

Be sure to provide your name and area of residence when you begin your testimony.  In order to receive a copy of the Hearings Officer’s written decision, you must provide your email or standard mailing address:

  1. Verbally while testifying;
  2. By email to the staff contact for the application; or
  3. By entering it in the Zoom chat function during the hearing.

Once you have provided your testimony, your mic will be muted and your screen will be returned to normal. 

Email your testimony

If you prefer not to testify verbally, written testimony is accepted prior to the hearing. In many cases, the record is left open for additional written testimony for seven days following the hearing.

Email written testimony to the staff contact listed with the specific hearing item.



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