Criminal Prosecution

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Criminal Prosecution Team has approximately 30 deputy district attorneys assigned to the following teams:

Felony Person Team

This team is assigned cases of sexual assault, child sexual abuse and neglect, child physical abuse, robbery, assault, attempted murder, kidnapping, and domestic violence. If a decision to charge a crime is made, they present the facts to a grand jury, and upon indictment, represent the State of Oregon in all court proceedings thereafter, including arraignment, motions, pre-trial hearings, trial, and sentencing. Although the vast majority of felony person cases involve adult defendants, under Oregon Revised Statutes 137.707, Oregon’s mandatory minimum sentencing statute, they also prosecute 15, 16, and 17 year old suspects charged with select serious violent crimes.

Property Felony Team

Responsible for prosecuting all non-person felony crimes in Clackamas County, including property crimes, drug crimes, firearms crimes and driving crimes. The latter includes felony vehicular assaults and homicides, including Measure 11 offenses of Assault in the First and Second degree, and Manslaughter in the First and Second degree. The Felony Property Team also is responsible for responding to motions to set aside conviction or record of arrest and Post Conviction Relief filings.

Misdemeanor Team

Reviews and prosecutes misdemeanor cases which include shoplifting, car break-ins, public indecency, prostitution, crimes against animals, stalking, fish and game violations, driving under the influence of intoxicants and other traffic crimes. In addition to misdemeanor prosecution, The Misdemeanor Team handles all of the probation violations for the District Attorney’s Office, represents the State of Oregon at Involuntary Commitment hearings, and handles many of the specialty court appearances for the D.A.’s office including out-of-custody arraignments, restitution court, DUII court, and Mental Health Court.

Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team (DV)

Responsible for the prosecution of crimes in Clackamas County involving family or household members. DV incorporates members from other disciplines, including law enforcement, victim’s advocates and parole and probation. In addition to charging offenders with crimes, the team also reviews cases involving violations of restraining orders. The team oversees the domestic violence deferred sentencing program, which is a program designed for offenders who do not have a domestic violence conviction history or other felony offenses. The team routinely provides training to members of law enforcement on the investigation and successful prosecution of domestic violence cases. The goal is to aggressively prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence and provide services and referral information to victims of domestic violence.

Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team

Responsible for the mandatory review and assessment of all child abuse cases in the county. Deputy district attorneys and support staff work with the State Department of Human Services and law enforcement to assure that cases are appropriately addressed by the various involved agencies. This unit works closely with all organizations, which deal with child abuse.

Interagency Task Force

Investigates and prosecutes repeat drug and property crime offenders who have the greatest impact on the quality of life in the community.

Community Prosecution/Community Court Programs

Takes the prosecutor out of the courtroom and into the neighborhoods where crimes occur. The prosecutor uses his/her legal skills to work with community policy units and neighborhood and business groups to reduce “quality of life” crimes. These crimes traditionally receive a low priority from the criminal justice system yet they have a significant impact on the “quality of life” in any given geographic area.

Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency Team

Responsible for juvenile delinquency and dependency cases. This team prosecutes juveniles who have committed non-Ballot Measure 11 crimes which include misdemeanors and felonies. The Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency Prosecution Team also prepare for, and actively participate in, all stages of dependency proceedings from the filing of a dependency petition through the entry of a disposition order. A deputy district attorney appears at each contested shelter hearing, jurisdiction hearing, disposition, formal and informal settlement and pretrial conferences, and aggravated circumstances hearings.