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DA Wentworth meets with Family Support TeamThe District Attorney’s Office has a very important partnership with law enforcement, but we are separate entities with different duties and responsibilities. Local law enforcement agencies are responsible for investigating allegations of criminal conduct. The duration and intensity of those investigations depend on the type of crime being investigated.

Once the investigation is complete, the law enforcement agency submits the case to the District Attorney's Office for review. The type of crime that is alleged will determine which prosecution team, described below, will handle the case. To provide better continuity and service to victims, every prosecutor in the Clackamas County District Attorney's handles their assigned cases from the charging stage through to the cases' conclusion. Vertical prosecution has shown to improve conviction rates, reduce victim trauma, and provide more consistent, appropriate sentencing.

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Teams and Programs

Rebecca, a member of the Felony Person Crime Team
A discussion amongst the Investigators / Major Crimes Team
Questioning a Deputy in court
A member of the Domestic Violence Team working on a case
A member of the Misdemeanor Team stands in court
DA staff working

The Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office has 30 Deputy District Attorneys, three investigators, seven child support agents, ten victim advocates and over 30 people on our administrative team who serve the community in many ways. Deputy District Attorneys are first and foremost trial attorneys, but we have many other functions such as charging and negotiating criminal cases and staffing numerous courts appearances every day. Deputy District Attorneys, Victim Advocates and our investigators are on call 24 hours a days, 7 days a week to provide support to law enforcement and crime victims, whether it be reviewing search warrants, answering legal questions, or responding to major crime scenes or hospitals to help victims in crisis. Our staff are assigned to the following teams and specialty programs:

Felony Person Crime Team

This team is comprised of five experienced attorneys who prosecute all sexual assault, child abuse, kidnappings, attempted murders, stalking and other serious assaults. This team works closely with law enforcement and other community partners to ensure the most serious offenders are held accountable, and the most vulnerable members of our community are protected

Property, Drug and Major Vehicular Crime Team

This team is comprised of ten deputy district attorneys who prosecute a variety of serious felony property and drug crimes, including financial crimes against vulnerable adults, Burglary, Theft, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Arson, Animal Abuse and possession and delivery of controlled substances. This team also provides prosecutorial support to the Clackamas County Interagency Task Force, which investigates large-scale drug trafficking organizations operating in the metropolitan area. Finally, the deputy district attorneys on this team prosecute major vehicular crimes that cause death or serious physical injury and provide around the clock support to major vehicular crime investigators throughout the county by responding to crime scenes and providing legal advice.

Domestic Violence Team

This team is comprised of four deputy district attorneys who specialize in prosecuting crimes of violence perpetrated against family members and intimate partners. This is a specialized and challenging area of prosecution and this team trains law enforcement and engages with community partners to ensure victims are safe. See additional information about Domestic Violence related resources.

Juvenile Team

This team is comprised of two deputy district attorneys who prosecute juveniles accused of misdemeanor and felony offenses. This team works closely with the Clackamas County Juvenile Department to ensure the goals of juvenile justice are met, including reformation of the youth involved and accountability.

Misdemeanor Team

This team is our most active trial unit and is comprised of six deputy district attorneys and several court-certified law clerks who prosecute misdemeanor offenses such DUII's, thefts, assaults, automobile break ins, animal abuse, fish and game violations and stalking offenses. This team also represents Clackamas County at involuntary commitment hearings that result when individuals are placed on mental health holds.

Family Support Team

The Family Support Unit is comprised of two deputy district attorneys and a team of eight case agents who ensure children and families receive necessary financial support from the parent responsible for making those payments. The Family Support Unit pursues contempt actions and criminal prosecution against those who repeatedly fail to honor their financial obligations to their children. Learn more about additional assistance from our Family Support Unit.

Specialty Courts and Programs

The District Attorney's Office works with the Clackamas County Circuit Court, the probation department and county social service agencies to run specialty courts that provide intensive supervision to offenders. These courts offer the chance at reducing recidivism in offenders who have committed certain types of crimes due to addiction or mental health issues. These specialty courts include Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Community Court, LEAD, DUII Court and the Domestic Violence Deferred Sentencing Program. The District Attorney's Office assigns a specially trained deputy district attorney to each specialty court to ensure continuity in operations. Additionally, the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office assigns DDAs to specialize in areas of Human Trafficking, Stalking and Animal Abuse.

Investigators / Major Crimes Team

The District Attorney’s Office has three investigators who are certified through DPSST. The lead investigator also manages the Clackamas County Major Crimes Team, which is a partnership with local law enforcement agencies who pool their resources to investigate homicides and other major crimes in Clackamas County. There is a deputy district attorney on call at all times to lend legal support to the Major Crimes Team. Homicides occurring in Clackamas County are normally prosecuted by two experienced deputy district attorneys.

Employee Spotlight

This month's spotlight:

The Clackamas County District Attorney's Office provides leadership, accountability, and high-quality service in a fair and just manner so that those who live, work, and play in Clackamas County can enjoy a safe and livable community.

There are nearly 100 dedicated employees who make it their mission to make the county a safer place. Employees range from not only attorneys, but investigators, legal assistants, program staff members, administrative staff and more.

Each month, the Clackamas County District Attorney's office will spotlight an employee to find out more about their role in the office, what sort of work they perform on a regular basis and how that work ties into the office’s mission. We hope you’ll learn that our staff members not only make the county safer, but they’re also your neighbors, friends and family members who take pride in making the community safer.

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Team Photos

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA John Millar

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA John Millar. The ceremony took place Dec. 19 2023.

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA Robert Brannon

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA Robert Brannon. The ceremony took place Dec. 19 2023.

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA Laurel Green-Mitchell

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA Laurel Green-Mitchell. The ceremony took place in October of 2023.

Run participants raising money

On Sunday Nov 28th, 2021, Bryan Brock, Jill Chapman, Krysti Bellmore, and John Wentworth took part in the Walk Like MADD 5K walk on behalf of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I would like to personally thank them for turning out, and those others of you who donated, to support this important organization. Not only did we have a great time, we donated over $400 to MADD.

Volunteers at LoveOne event

DA staff help pass out hygiene products, provide meals, assist folks with their laundry needs and provide access to warm showers at a LoveOne event. learn more

Klassen sworn in

Ben Klassen was sworn in as a Clackamas County Deputy DA in September 2021. After he clerked for our office, Ben graduated from U of O Law School in 2020 and now works for the Crook County DA’s Office.

Deputy DA Meggie Kirchner sworn in

Meggie Kirchner was first hired in May 2020 as a certified law clerk. After she graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2021, she became a member of the Oregon State Bar in October the same year. Meggie tried her hand in the private sector doing civil litigation, but quickly realized that was not where her passion. She was hired back into the public sector by the Multnomah County DA’s office in February 2022. Having always missed the office where she most felt at home, Meggie returned to Clackamas in the Misdemeanor unit.

Deputy DA Alexander Hayes named Wildlife Prosecutor of the Year

OSP Fish and Wildlife Division and Oregon Hunters Association named their Prosecutor of the Year, Clackamas Co. Deputy DA Alexander Hayes at the annual Oregon District Attorney Association conference in Seaside. From left are Wildlife Anti-Poaching Resources Prosecutor Jay Hall; OSP F&W Captain Casey Thomas; OSP F&W Sgt Scott McLeod; Clackamas Co. Deputy DA Alexander Hayes; OSP F&W Trooper Brenton Chose; ODFW Big Game Program Manager, Brian Wolfer.

Deputy DA Grace Hoffa sworn in

Congratulations to new Deputy District Attorney Grace Hoffa. She was sworn into the Oregon State bar on Oct. 13 and deputized by District Attorney John Wentworth the next day.

Deputy DA Tiffany Escover sworn in

DA John Wentworth swearing in Deputy DA Tiffany Escover. The ceremony took place in May of 2022

Deputy DA Randi Hall being sworn in

Judge Kathie F. Steele swearing in Deputy DA Randi Hall. The ceremony took place in the judge’s Courtroom in July 2021.