Leave Administration

Human Resources provides enhanced service and administration for employee leaves of absence, disability benefits and ADA accommodations.

Clackamas County provides leave for family and medical reasons under the Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) as well as other leaves of absence. For more information about Clackamas County’s Family and Medical Leave Policy, review EPP 10 and your applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Employees may also be eligible for disability benefits due to a non-work related injury or illness. For more information review the disability insurance summary plan description (SPD) for general county employees or Peace Officers Association (POA) members.

Employees may request a reasonable accommodation when they know that there is a workplace barrier that is preventing them, due to a disability, from effectively performing their job. For more information about Clackamas County’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy review EPP 3.

1. Start a Request


Email your completed Family Medical Leave Request to leaveadmin@clackamas.us.

We will determine your eligibility and entitlement. If eligible, we will provide you with a health certification form.


File your claim online, then submit your completed disability form packet and Form W-4 to The Standard Insurance Company.

See instructions and FAQ for more information.  


If you have exhausted all other paid leave and wish to request a donation of hours for your approved FMLA/OFLA leave, email your completed Request to Receive Donated Leave form to leaveadmin@clackamas.us.

For more information, review Leave Donation Program


2. Submit Forms or Certifications

Email: leaveadmin@clackamas.us
Fax: 503-742-5419
Mail: 2051 Kaen Rd, Ste 310, Oregon City, OR 97045

3. Confirm Receipt of Forms or Check Claim Status

Who to contact?

Email: leaveadmin@clackamas.us
Phone: 503-655-8550 opt 1

4. Once Your Leave is Approved

If you have an existing claim and have case-specific questions, want to provide updates, changes or learn more about your options, contact the Leave & Disability Analyst assigned to your department:

Mila Ezersky
Leave & Disability Analyst

  • Assessment & Taxation
  • Business & Community Services
  • Clerk’s Office
  • Disaster Management
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Finance
  • H3S
    • Behavioral Health
    • Children, Youth & Families
    • Community Solutions
    • Housing Authority
    • Public Health
    • Social Services
  • Juvenile Department
  • Law Library
  • Public & Government Affairs
  • Resolution Services
  • Technology Services
  • Treasury Services
  • Tourism

Brandi Johnston
Leave & Disability Analyst

  • 911 – CCOM
  • Community Corrections
  • County Administration
  • County Counsel
  • DTD
  • H3S
    • Health Centers
  • Human Resources
  • Justice Court
  • Sheriff's Office
  • WES

5. Return to Work

If you have been off work due to your own illness or injury you must provide your supervisor with a Release to Return to Work prior to returning to work. Please also forward your release to leaveadmin@clackamas.us. The release must be completed and signed by your healthcare provider.

If you have work restrictions, you must contact leaveadmin@clackamas.us or your department’s Leave & Disability Analyst prior to returning to work.

Other Leaves of Absence

Clackamas County complies with both Federal and State laws in providing various types of leave. Examples of leave programs currently provided by Clackamas County include:

To request OFLA Bereavement leave email your completed Family Medical Leave Request to leaveadmin@clackamas.us. To request Military Leave, Crime Victim Leave or Domestic Violence Victim Leave, contact your department’s assigned Leave & Disability Analyst.

For more detailed information about eligibility please click on the links listed above. If you are represented by a union, you should check the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Non-represented employees may find additional information in the County's Personnel Ordinance (see page 19).

Note: Leave of absence policies are subject to change by legislative mandates and collective bargaining agreements.

General Information
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Leave Administration
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