Nov. 4, 2014 General Election

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Measure 92 Hand Recount: Ballot sorting to prepare for the recount begins on Monday December 1st, and the actual recount commences on Wednesday, December 3rd at 9 AM. Please click on the following link for more information about this recount:
Directive of the Secretary of State, 2014 Measure 92 Recount.


County Candidates

County Clerk

Sherry Hall

David Robinson

County Treasurer

Shari Anderson

City Candidates - (as they are certified by each city) - (filing forms available from cities)

City of Barlow

Mayor: Michael Lundsten

City Council: Councilor #1 - Darren Michel

City of Canby

Mayor: Brian Hodson

City Council (3 seats): Clinton Coleman, Tracie Heidt, Greg Parker, Todd Rocha

City of Damascus

Mayor: Diana Helm, Bill Wehr

City Council : Position # 3 – David Hadley, Doug Walker. Position # 4 – Nancy Carpenter, Pat Higgins. Position # 5 – Dan Tomlinson

City of Estacada

Mayor: Brent Dodrill

City Council (3 seats): Aaron Gant, Justin Gates, Dan Neujahr

City of Gladstone

Mayor: Wade Byers, Dominick Jacobellis, Thomas Mersereau,

City Council : Position # 1 – Kim Sieckmann, Position # 2 – Kari Martinez, Steve Johnson, Position # 3 – Patrick McMahon, Linda Neace

City of Happy Valley

Mayor: Lori Chavez-DeRemer

City Council (2 seats): David Golobay, Brett Sherman, Nicholas Tacheny, Markley Drake

City of Johnson City

City Council (3 seats): Elizabeth Collins, Merrilee Cooley, Betty-Jo DiCario, Kimberly Glover

City of Lake Oswego

City Council (3 seats): Ed Brockman, Joe Buck, Jeff Gudman, Matt Keenen, Jackie Manz

City of Milwaukie

Mayor: Jeremy Ferguson

City Council: Position # 2 – Lisa Batey, David Hedges, Position # 4 – Scott Barbur, Brian Henderson, Karin Power

City of Molalla

City Council (3 seats): George Pottle, Stephen Clark, Jennifer Satter, Russell Riggs

City of Oregon City

Mayor: Daniel Holladay, Bob La Salle

City Commission : Position # 1 – Kathy Roth, Brian Shaw. Position # 4 – Mike Berman, Daphne Wuest.

City of Rivergrove

City Council (3 seats): Carolyn Bahrman, Heather Kibbey, Mary Mann

City of Sandy

Mayor: William King

City Council: Position #1 - Jeremy Pietzold, Position #2 - Lois Coleman, Position #3 - Carl Exner

City of Tualatin

Mayor: Jan Giunta, Lou Ogden

City Council: Position # 1 – Frank Bubenik, Nancy Petit. Position # 3 – Wade Brooksby, Jackie Pride. Position # 5 – Nancy Grimes.

City of West Linn

Municipal Judge: Rhett Bernstein

City Council (2 seats): Jody Carson, Michael Jones, Brenda Perry, Russell Axelrod

City of Wilsonville

City Council (2 seats): Scott Starr, Charlotte Lehan

Soil & Water Candidates

Directors: Zone 1 – Jesse Nelson. Zone 3 – Jeff Becker. Zone 4 – James Toops, Joan Zuber. Zone 5 – Don Guttridge. Position 2 At Large – Roger Fantz.

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District

The Board of County Commissioners has referred a measure to the November, 2014 ballot which creates a Board of Directors for the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District. 5 at-large positions will be on the November, 2014 ballot.

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District Board Candidates

Board (5 positions): Tony Andersen, Bill Bersie, Jeff Erdman, Terry Gibson, Mart Hughes, Susan McCarty, Matthew Micetic, Suzanne Montalbano, Trish Nixon, David Noble, Eugene Whitley

Link to VP Candidate Statement

Link to VP endorsement forms


Link to Webpage with Measure Argument Form

Measure 3-446, City of Gladstone - Gladstone Library

Measure 3-447, Clackamas Community College - Bonds

Measure 3-448, City of Damascus - Comprehensive Plan

Measure 3-449, Colton Schools - Bonds

Measure 3-450, Vector Control - Option Levy

Measure 3-451, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation - Governance

Measure 3-452, City of Lake Oswego - Roads

Measure 3-453, City of Canby - Annexation

Measure 3-454, City of Canby - Annexation

Measure 3-455, West Linn-Wilsonville Schools - Option Tax

Measure 3-456, West Linn-Wilsonville Schools - Bonds

Measure 3-457, Estacada Cemetery - Levy

Measure 3-458, City of West Linn – Annexation

Measure 3-459, City of West Linn – Annexation

Measure 3-460, City of West Linn – Annexation

Measure 3-461, City of West Linn – Wilderness Park

Measure 3-462, City of Happy Valley – Police Services Tax

Measure 3-463, City of Oregon City – Annexation

Measure 3-464, City of Estacada – Fuel Tax

Measure 24-369, Silver Falls Schools – Bond

Measure 26-159, City of Portland - Parks

Measure 26-160, Metro - Density

Measure 26-161, Portland Schools – Levy Renewal

Measure 34-224, Tigard/Tualatin Schools – Levy Renewal

Important Election Dates:

Note: City candidates file candidacy with individual cities and Soil and Water candidates file candidacy with the Department of Agriculture.
All Voter Pamphlet statements/arguements are filed with County Elections.

Aug. 28 Last day to file Voters' Pamphlet statement (county candidates only).
Sept. 4 Voters' Pamphlet materials become public (county candidates only).
Sept. 8 Last day to file measure arguments.
Sept. 8 Last day to file for Voters' Pamphlet statements (city and soil/water candidates).
Sept. 12 Measure arguments become public.
Sept. 12 Voters' Pamphlet materials become public (city and soil/water candidates).
Sept. 19 Military/Overseas ballots mailed.
Oct. 6 Out-of-state ballots mailed.
Oct. 9-12 Voters' Pamphlet arrives. (approx)
Oct. 16-19 Local ballots arrive.
Oct. 15 Dropsites open
Nov. 4 ELECTION DAY. Ballots must be returned by 8:00 p.m. First results published 8:00p.m.


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