5-year Transportation Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

How the money is used - upgrades: 11%, bridges/culverts: 8%, safety: 8%, CRF safety: 14%, crf strategic investment: 5%, bike/pedestrian (active transportation): 15%, intelligent transportation system: 5%, repairs: 9%, paving: 6%, crf paving: 4%
Source of funds - road fund match: 24%, community road fund (CRF): 22%, crf strategic investment: 5%, crf & transportation system development charge: 12%, tax increment financing: 11%, state safe routes to school grant: 2%, federal emergency relief grant: 4%, metro regional flex fund allocation grant: 7%, regional flexible funds: 6%, other: 7%

Clackamas County is responsible for maintaining the integrity and safety of 1,400 miles of county roads and 180 bridges. This transportation system represents a $1 billion investment that must be continually maintained and improved to accommodate increasing demands.

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) includes more than 300 capital transportation improvement projects needed over the next 20 years.

The 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes projects from the TSP that are scheduled to be constructed between 2021–2025. These projects are either fully funded or have funds for preliminary planning and design. The CIP includes the schedule and funding source for each project.

Projects planned throughout Clackamas County range from adding sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes and ADA ramps, to paving, upgrading traffic signals, adding turn lanes, widening roads and even replacing bridges. Nearly $1.8 million, funded through Oregon’s All Roads Transportation Safety (ARTS) program, will be used to install signs, road markings and making other changes to increase safety at 78 rural intersections.

The 64 projects in the CIP are estimated to cost a total of $122 million. They are needed to improve safety and enhance capacity by upgrading existing roads, improving bridges and culverts, installing Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) projects (such as signal systems) and completing major capital repairs.

The CIP includes projects identified in previously completed plans, including:


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