Drive to Zero Safety Action Plan , Adopted 2019

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Drive to Zero Safety Action Plan

Our goal is to get to zero fatal and serious injury crashes by 2035.


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Drive to Zero Safety Action Plan (TSAP) Overview

From 2009 to 2015, 183 people were killed in traffic crashes in Clackamas County. Another 795 people suffered serious, potentially life-altering injuries. In addition to the tragedy of this loss of life and quality of life, the economic impact of these and other less severe crashes was greater than $100 million per year during this period. A survey of residents found that most believe that the only acceptable number of fatal and serious injury crashes in Clackamas County is zero. Given this belief, the county has set a goal to eliminate fatal and serious injury crashes by 2035. This plan is the roadmap to achieve this goal.

Clackamas County has a goal to eliminate fatal and serious injury crashes on its roads by 2035. Part 1 of Clackamas County’s Drive to Zero Safety Action Plan describes the broad areas on which the county, its partner organizations, and its residents must focus to achieve this goal. These emphasis areas represent an evidence-based approach to reducing fatal and serious injury crashes. They are based on a review of crash data in Clackamas County and best practices from local, national, and international sources. Notably the emphasis areas align with those of Toward Zero Deaths: A National Strategy on Highway Safety , of which the county is a proud partner, and the Oregon Transportation Safety Action Plan, 2021.

Thousands of people are involved in traffic crashes in Clackamas County each year, and dozens of families are faced with the tragedy of severe crashes that cause potentially life-threatening injuries or even death. We are committed, as a county, to tackle the challenge of eliminating severe crashes by collaborating among our agencies and partnering with community stakeholders and nonprofit associations. This collective multipronged approach will advance our shared goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Clackamas County roads by 2035.

This Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) is a starting point and a dynamic framework for moving forward. Preventable serious injuries and deaths from traffic crashes pose a public health concern to all who live, work, play, and travel through Clackamas County. This TSAP builds on data driven strategies to increase health outcomes by improving the built environment and engaging county residents to help build a community that supports a healthy culture of safety. Everyone in Clackamas County has a vital role in preventing crashes. We ask you to embrace the affirmation that TRAFFIC SAFETY STARTS WITH ME!

Throughout this plan you’ll find opportunities to take action and help us in our Drive to Zero.

Traffic safety starts with you


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