Regional Long-Term Rent Assistance Program

One of the biggest obstacles renters face in our current housing crisis is finding a landlord who’s willing to rent to them. Regional Long Term Rent Assistance (RLRA) is a program established in 2020 by voters in Clackamas, Washington and Multnomah counties, through the Supportive Housing Services Act. This program provides ongoing rent assistance and wraparound services to households struggling with housing instability, while supporting landlords who are willing to make their housing units available. 

Do you need housing assistance?

Anyone in a housing crisis should contact Coordinated Housing Access to be referred to our program and many other housing programs in the county. Visit CHA's website or call 503-655-8575.

Are you a property owner in Clackamas County?

To sign up, please email

Please sign up as a partner to receive guaranteed rent payments and incentive bonuses while helping our community! The lack of available rental properties is one of the leading causes of the housing and homelessness crisis in Clackamas County, so your participation makes a vital difference. All types of rental housing within the Metro Urban Growth Boundary can participate. To see if your property qualifies, please visit Metro's Urban Growth Boundary lookup tool and enter your address. 

When you sign up, property owners will receive:

  • Guaranteed rental income — Payments come from the Clackamas County Housing Authority. Tenant rent portions are based on their income, and Housing Authority rent assistance payment amounts increase if tenant income reduces
  • $500 Bonus — for each unit leased to a participating household
  • Vacancy payments
  • Additional funds — For repairs and unpaid rent beyond the cost of the security deposit
  • Direct referrals — of applicants already approved for rent assistance
  • Peace of mind — Specialized staff available to assist you with questions and concerns and to support tenant success

In return, we ask landlords to either reserve units and/or reduce screening criteria for RLRA participants. For more information and to sign up, please email


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