Hearings Officer: Z0083-23 - Sept. 28, 2023

Appellant/applicant: William Farley, Appellant / Jason Varga, Applicant

Property owner: North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District

Proposal: This is an appeal of a land use application for a Design Review permit to construct a new 15,360 square foot public library and to renovate an existing building (formerly the Concord School) into a community center. The community center will include indoor recreation space, community space, and the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District offices. The remainder of the property will be developed with additional vehicle parking, a 2- acre park with outdoor play equipment and green space.

The applicants received a conditional approval of a Conditional Use permit, which was reviewed under land use file no. Z0020-23. This Design Review land use application which is a separate land use application for the same project. This appeal is of the Design Review land use application.

Planning Director’s initial decision: Approval, with conditions

Applicable Zoning and Development Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan Criteria: Sections 202, 315, 702, 1000 
series, 1102 and 1307. 
These criteria may be viewed online

Site address and/or location: 3811 SE Concord Rd., Milwaukie, OR 97267

Assessor’s map: T2S, R1E, Section 12AD, Tax Lot 02900, W.M.

Property size: Approximately 5.9 acres

Zoning: Urban Low Density Residential - R7, Urban Low Density Residential - R8.5, and Open Space Management (OSM)