Hearings Officer: Z0148-23 - Oct. 12, 2023

Applicant: Russ Bartels

Property owner: Cristino Pina Carranza

Proposal: Conditional use permit to operate a home occupation to host events. Events will include a maximum of 125 people per event, up to 24 events per calendar year. The events will take place within a proposed 90-foot by 50-foot event barn and the will be new gravel parking lot behind the event barn that includes parking for 56 vehicles.

Applicable Zoning and Development Ordinance Criteria: Sections 202, 316, 806, 1000-series, 1203 and 1307  
These criteria may be viewed online

Site address: 34881 SE Gunderson Rd.

Assessor’s map: T2S, R4E, Section 22, Tax Lot 00700, W.M.

Property size: 5 acres

Zoning: Rural Residential Farm Forest 5-Acre (RRFF-5)