Hearings Officer: Z0326-23 - Dec. 21, 2023

Applicant: Kienan Streed

Property Owner: Kienan Streed

Proposal: The applicant is proposing a Level Two Home Occupation with an exception to have five employees, outdoor storage within a screened enclosure, and the use of 2400 square feet of accessory building floor space.

Applicable Zoning and Development Ordinance Criteria: Sections 202, 316, 822, and 1307. Additionally, 1006.03(B), 1006.04(B), and 1006.06(C) (except as set forth in Subsection 1006.07), and 1007.07 are applicable pursuant to 822.05(B)
These criteria may be viewed online

Site Address and/or Location: at 15150 S Henrici Rd, approximately 100 feet east of the intersection with S Homestead Dr.

Assessor’s Map: T03S, 02RE, Section 15C, Tax Lot(s) 00600 and 00500, W.M.

Property Size: 1.45 acres in two tax lots

Zoning: Rural Residential Farm Forest 5-Acre (RRFF-5)