Employee Emergency Hotline

During inclement weather and other emergencies you can call the Employee Emergency Hotline number to check for current alerts and building closures. The hotline is updated on days where inclement weather is predicted, or if other emergencies have occurred. In addition to the hotline, you can check advisory messages on this website. 

Call 503-655-8468

Inclement Weather

Clackamas County is committed to providing high quality public service, including many emergency-related functions, in all types of weather. It is the County's policy to remain open during normal business hours when feasible. However there are times when weather conditions may modify some county service(s). This determination will be made by the County Commissioners, the County Administrator or a designee only. The County website and hotline will be updated for both employee and public information.

Each department, division and/or agency has a "Continuity of County Services or Functions Plan" and is responsible for designating those employees and/or positions that are deemed as "inclement weather essential."Employees in these positions must report to, or remain at, work as scheduled or as otherwise specifically directed. Non-essential employees must follow regular check-in and reporting processes with their supervisor if leave is requested due to weather conditions. You are encouraged to read the EPP #12,  Inclement Weather Policy for additional information. 

Major Emergencies and Disasters

Clackamas County employees have a shared responsibility to provide critical public services, including incident response and recovery, during a major emergency or disaster. Our community expect us to provide public safety and services during, and immediately after, a major emergency or disaster. 

The County has an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that may be implemented to provide emergency management functions including the activation of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

During your employment, you are encouraged to participate in training exercises to develop your emergency skills and prepare your response in the event of a real emergency. Additional information about employee responsibilities in emergencies can be found in EPP 55, Major Emergencies and Disasters. You can also find valuable information to prepare yourself and your family at the county's Department of Emergency Management website.


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