Health Housing and Human Services

Health Housing and Human Services

Clean Slate Clackamas

“Grow a Vibrant Economy” is one of the priorities identified in the county’s Performance Clackamas plan. It can be a challenge for hiring managers to find skilled and motivated employees to power that economy, though – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We’ve identified multiple cooling centers throughout the county for members of the public. These centers are open when temperatures are dangerously warm. Residents who do not have access to cool places are encouraged to visit a center to avoid the heat and relax.

For a central number to get information about shelters, transportation or other resources, call 211.

To sign up for text alerts for critical, emergency announcements from the county, opt-in to Public Alerts

These facilities are open during normal operating hours noted below, for individuals and families needing shelter from severe weather. Please call ahead to confirm.

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Current Open Shelters
Current Open Shelters
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