Engineering Division Fees

Permit Type Fee - as of Jan. 1, 2021
Development Permit
$1600 initial deposit
8.83% of improvement costs for plan review and inspections
Commercial development (including apartments and condominiums)
$1600 initial deposit
of public road improvements + 5% of onsite transportation improvements for plan review and inspections
Structured Parking
$122 per new or reconstructed parking spaces
Plan Reviews (more than 3)
Actual cost
Actual cost
Time Extension
Entrance Permit  
New driveway
$500 if 150' or more in length
$400 if less than 150' in length
Existing driveway upgrade/extend existing driveway
Refund for Entrance Permit that is denied or withdrawn
Application or appeal fee refunded less $200
Subdivision Entrance (Driveway) Permit
Time Extension
Right of Way Permit
  • Ditches, culverts and drainage
  • Sidewalk installation or repair
  • Minor Paving
  • Other minor work
Paving over 5000 sf
Bike, Run, Walk, Parade Trail
Non-Competitive Group Ride
Block Party
Revocable Encroachment Permit (Individual)
Revocable Encroachment Permit (Entity)
Road Vacations (right-of-way permit)
  • Preliminary Feasibility
  • Application Review and Processing
Actual Costs
(50% deposit of estimated costs)
Temporary Road Closures
Time Extension
Other Fees  
Design Modification Type 1 (Major) $500
Design Modification Type 2 (Minor) $400
ADA Exception Review $500
Erosion Control Review
Single Family Residence
Erosion Control Review
Non-Single Family Residence
+ $80/
acre over 1 acre
Erosion Control Inspection $70 + $125/acre over 1 acre
Surface Water Plan Review $710
Records Research $120/hr.
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