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Planning and Zoning Fee Schedule

We are open to the public Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please contact us by email, phone, or mail. We will work to respond as quickly as we can, but we do ask for your patience as we focus on providing public service and keeping our community and staff safe.

Online Submittals and Applications

Phone 503-742-4500
Mail 150 Beavercreek Road
Oregon City, OR 97045

Land Use Applications

Accessory Historic Dwelling $315
Agriculture Land Dwelling — Type II $960
Agriculture Land Lot Division $960
Agriculture Land Lot of Record Dwelling - Hearings Officer Review1 $2,010
Appeal $250
Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment $4,000
Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the Inventory of Mineral & Aggregate Resource Sites $12,500
Conditional Use1 $3,945
Conditional Use-Mining $10,400
Design Review .384% of construction cost/$650 minimum/$36,835 maximum
Design Review-awnings w/o signing, facades & storefront revisions and similar minor changes $135
Farmer's Market No Fee
Forest Land Dwelling $960
Forest Land Lot Division $960
Groundwater Hydrogeologic Review2 $3,230
Historic Landmark, District and Corridor Designation, Alteration, Development, Moving or Demolition No Fee
Home Occupation $520
Home Occupation Exception $1,560
Interpretation-Hearings Officer1 $1,660
Interpretation—Comprehensive Plan or Zoning and Development Ordinance $730
Marijuana Land Use Application - Type I $1000
Marijuana Land Use Application - Type II $1400
Mineral & Aggregate Overlay District Site Plan Review $3,165
Modification4 25% of current fee/$235 minimum
Mobile Home Park Conversion $2,600
Mobile Vending Unit Level Two3 $800
Mobile Vending Unit Level Three3 $1,750
Nonconforming Use-Alteration or Verification $700
Open Space Review $565
Open Space Review-Conflict Resolution $730
Partition $2,600
Planning Director Review-Not Otherwise Listed $845
Plat Vacation $845
Property Line Adjustment-Type II $455
Property Line Adjustment-Type I $315
Replacement Dwelling-EFU District $500
Signs-Design Review $530
Steep Slope Review-Type II $665
Steep Slope Review-Type I $75
Subdivision Major (11 or more lots)1 $5,090 + $45/Lot
Subdivision Minor (4 -10 Lots) $2,600
Temporary Dwelling for Care $504
Temporary Dwelling while Building $125
Temporary Use Otherwise Prohibited $520
Temporary Structure for Emergency Shelter $125
Time Extension4 25% of current fee/$235 minimum/$650 maximum
Utility Facility Necessary for Public Service in the EFU Zone (including a wireless telecommunication facility with a tower less than 200 feet in height) $960
Variance $900
Vested Right Determination $700
Wireless Telecommunication Facility-Type I $585
Wireless Telecommunication Facility-Type II $845
Zone Change-Hearings Officer Review1 $4,110
Zone Change-Hearings Officer Review1, filed with another application $3,560
Zone Change-PC/BCC Review, filed with Comp Plan Amendment $2,510

Water Resource Applications5

Construction Management Plan $455
Floodplain Development Permit - Type I $315
Floodplain Development Permit - Type II $960
Habitat Conservation Area-Development Permit-Pursuant to Subsection 706.10(A) of the ZDO $960
Habitat Conservation Area-Development Permit-Pursuant to Subsection 706.10(B) of the ZDO $1,685
Habitat Conservation Area-Map Verification $565
Principal River Conservation Area Permit $960
Stream Conservation Area Permit $245
Water Quality Resource Area District-Boundary Verification $565
Water Quality Resource Area District-Development Permit $1,685
Willamette River Greenway Permit-Development within 150- of mean low water level $960
Willamette River Greenway Permit-Dock/Development more than 150-feet from mean low water level $630


Application Withdrawn-no notice sent or decision issued Full Refund
Application Withdrawn-notice sent $135
Application Withdrawn-decision issued No Refund
Bike Map $6
Building or Placement Permit - New Single Family or Manufactured Dwelling $165
Building Permit - New Accessory Structure $85
Building Permit - Addition to a Single Family or Manufactured Dwelling or Accessory Structure $85
Claim for Just Compensation for Land Use Regulation ("Measure 49" Claim) $845
Comprehensive Plan $75
Comprehensive Plan Map $40
Copies $1 first page, 10 cents each additional page
Credit/Debit Card Service Fee  2.55% on transactions
Flood Hazard Determination $125
Floodplain Delineation Map $210
GIS/AutoCAD mapping & Drafting $70/hour—1 hour minimum
Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) $100
Preapplication Conference $500
Renotification $135
Research, including rebuild letters $70/hour—1 hour minimum
Road Naming Application $195
Signs - No Design Review $135
Zoning Map $40
Zoning and Development Ordinance $125

Design Review Fees

The standard Design Review fee is .384% of the construction cost (.00384 x construction cost) of the project, with a $650 minimum and a $36,835 maximum fee.

Awnings without signing, facade or storefront revisions, and similar minor changes $135
Replacement signs, signs of 60 square feet or less (over-the-counter approval) $135
Signs requiring separate design review $530

Application fee includes $1,050 for Hearings Officer Review.
Application fee includes a non-refundable $2,700 hydro-geologist review fee. This is in addition to the permit cost of $530.
Application fee is a consolidated fee that includes both Planning Division and Engineering Division fees.
If the current application fee includes Hearings Officer review, subtract $1,050 from the current fee before calculating the fee for modification or time extension.  The fee for modification or time extension of design review is $235.
When more than one Water Resource application is filed concurrently on the same property, the highest application fee shall be paid in full.  Concurrent Water Resource application fees shall be reduced by 25%.