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Drive to Zero focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways. Our goal is to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes by half by 2022. Based on recent data, this could save 16 lives and prevent 125 serious injuries every year in Clackamas County

And that saved life could be someone you know. More than 90% of crashes include human behavior as a contributing factor. Distracted driving, young drivers and leaving the roadway are the top 3 contributing factors in fatal crashes in Clackamas County and each can be prevented with steps such as being attentive, providing young drivers with parental supervision and slowing down.

Roads are also a factor in crashes. That's why it's vital to both promote safe driving habits and maintain our roads. We'll keep the roads in shape; you help keep them safe.

Safe Driving: How to help keep roads safeSafe Roads: How we keep roads in shape


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The following groups are actively involved in transportation safety, providing crucial services such as completing road safety audits, and reviewing and evaluating crash data to identify ways to improve safety.