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What is Drive to Zero?

Drive to Zero focuses on reducing injuries and fatalities on our roadways. Our goal is to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes to zero by 2035. Based on recent data, this could save 32 lives and prevent 250 serious injuries every year in Clackamas County.

There are two main ways we work to decrease fatal crashes — through building a safe driving culture and by building safe roads. With every driver showing and living their commitment to make that happen, we get closer to our goal. 

The Drive to Zero Pledge

I pledge to set my phone on Do Not Disturb before hitting the road so I can get safely to my destination and help others do the same. This is one way I can do my part to end traffic-related fatalities in Clackamas County. It’s a simple action that can make a big difference... and also, taking a break from my phone sounds kind of nice. 

  • The text can wait
    I will devote my full attention to driving, keeping my eyes on the road, my hands on the wheel and my mind off my phone.
  • A quick look at my phone and I’ll miss the speed limit
    By paying attention to the speed limit and the conditions of the road, I’ll avoid crashes and expensive tickets.
  • There are real people outside my phone
    When I’m driving, I’ll always watch for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.
  • It’s all about patience 
    Maybe someone sent me a funny video or I just got a text from my mom, but all of that can wait. I won’t let impatience, curiosity and excitement impact the way I drive.
  • Let my phone chill and enjoy the ride
    Taking a break from my phone can be a great opportunity to have some time for myself, enjoy the ride and stay alert. I know my phone will be just fine. 

Now share your pledge! Show your friends what you’re doing to keep our roads safe and how they can help by simply setting their phones on Do Not Disturb. Just use the hashtag #DrivetoZero on your social media.

Bring Safe Driving Education Resources to You

Already understand the importance of safe driving and want to inspire those in your community? We have a number of education resources and tools to help get the word out.

In schools

  • Kevin Brooks, a leading youth speaker on suicide prevention, overcoming obstacles and impaired driving, is available to speak to high school assemblies.
  • Mixed media presentations using Fatal Vision Goggles that simulate impaired driving and demonstrate the risk of driving while intoxicated. These 30- to 90-minute presentations are perfect for health and related classes and focus on providing information on distracted driving, traffic safety and avoiding injuries.

In the community

Yellow Please Slow Down! yard sign

  • Our transportation safety booth provides education related to traffic safety and we distribute traffic safety-related items such as safety reflectors.See the dangers of impaired and distracted driving
  • Safety Street provides children with the opportunity to practice being safe in cars with crossing signs, speed limits and traffic to pay attention to while driving. Our Safety Street Trailer contains the cars, street signs and comic books for distribution.
  • See the dangers of impaired and distracted driving
    Our Mobile Educational Crash Car Trailer is designed to start conversations with young drivers. The trailer contains a car from a fatal crash involving driving under the influence of cannabis. For most of us, we will never see a car that has been in a terrible crash. In this case you can see close up the devastation that an impaired driver can cause. This stand-alone exhibit has been used by parents to initiate talking with their children about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving.
  • Invite us to your neighborhood meeting
    Request a presentation from our traffic safety team at your neighborhood organization, event, fair or school. Learn about strategies that residents can take in partnership with the County to encourage safe, calm driving and discourage behaviors that cause serious crashes. 
  • Grab a yard sign
    Join the Drive to Zero efforts to slow speeds down on our county’s roads by placing a road sign in your front yard. Every household in Clackamas County is eligible to pick up a yard sign from the main offices of the Department of Transportation and Development at 150 Beavercreek Road. Come up to the third floor and ask at the front desk.
    Signs can also be picked up at any LINCC library, while supplies last. See locations and hours.

For more information on any of these opportunities, email

Get involved as Community Advisors

Keeping our Roads Safe through Infrastructure

Centerline Reflectors on Rural Roads

Install reflector pavement markings in the centerline of arterial and collector roads in rural areas of the county. 

Answering your Driving Safety questions: Frequently Asked Questions


Youth prevention programs funded by the Children, Family and Community Connections Division are designed to integrate services in order to promote school success and positive life outcomes.


Visit the following partners for car seat checks and more information:


Team Oregon has been offering resources for motorcycle riders since 1984.


Wearing the right motorcycle helmet can mean the difference between life and death. We know it can also mean the difference between a comfortable and miserable ride. Learn more from our partners at NHTSA