Permit Services and Development

We administer sanitary sewer, surface water management, and erosion control programs in urban areas of Clackamas County.

Erosion controlRates, Charges, and Fees

Plan review and permitting

Plan review and permitting are part of the broader land use and permitting process in unincorporated Clackamas County, City of Happy Valley and Rivergrove. We review and approve all public and private sanitary, storm, and erosion control plans for development activities such as:

  • any activity that requires a building permit
  • construction of structures, roadways, and utilities
  • grading or excavating
  • land division, including subdivisions, land partitions, and lot line adjustments.

Planning process and resources

Pre-Application meeting

We coordinate development activities with Clackamas County Planning and the cities of Happy Valley and Rivergrove. We can assist property owners and the development community with:

  • determining existing site conditions
  • improvement requirements
  • the permitting process

For additional information about the Pre-Application meeting, please contact the appropriate planning department.

Planning departments

Clackamas County, Happy Valley and Rivergrove Planning departments offer assistance to property owners, developers and contractors to gather information about site development requirements, land use, and permitting processes.


We oversee the construction standards for sanitary and stormwater systems. The standards outline the requirements to get the necessary permits for development activities.

Erosion control

You'll need the following erosion control permits based on location and area to be disturbed:

  • WES Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Permit
    activity which disturbs 800 square feet or more
  • DEQ 1200-CN or 1200-C permit
    activity in unincorporated Clackamas County which disturbs greater than 1 acre

More information about erosion control.

Rules and regulations

Fees and forms

Design tools


Don Kemp
Development Review Supervisor