Wastewater Services

Water Environment Services Expert: Lynne Chicoine

Wastewater treatment facilities

Boring Water Pollution Control Plant
Location: 13305 SE Richey Road, Boring
Service area: Boring
Population served: 60 commercial and residential connections
Startup: 1986

Fischer's Forest Park Water Pollution Control Facility
Location: S. Merry Meadow Ct., Oregon City (Redland)
Service area: Fischer's Forest Park subdivision
Population served: 26 single family residences
Startup: 1971

Hoodland Water Pollution Control Plant
Location: 24596 E. Bright Ave., Welches
Service area: Hoodland, Welches and the Wemme Recreational Corridor
Population served: 4,000
Startup: 1982

Tri-City Water Pollution Control Plant
Location: 15941 S. Agnes Ave., Oregon City
Service area: Gladstone, Oregon City and West Linn; diversions from CCSD #1
Population served: 72,000 (Tri-City Service District); 26,000 CCSD #1
Startup: May 1986

Kellogg Creek Water Resource Recovery Facility (serves the North Clackamas Urban area, and the cities of Happy Valley, Johnson City and Milwaukie)
Location: 11525 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie
Service area: Clackamas County Service District No. 1, Milwaukie and Johnson City
Population served: 77,800
Startup: August 1974