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There were 496 traffic fatalities in Oregon in 2016 and 445 traffic fatalities in 2015. The 2015 total was 25% higher than the 356 total in 2014 and stands as the most significant year-on-year increase Oregon has had since 1946.

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    • The chances of dying or being seriously injured in a traffic crash doubles for every 10 mph over 50 mph. That means you have a 400 percent greater chance of being seriously injured when you’re travelling at 70 mph than at 50 mph.
    • Crash forces increase exponentially with speed increases (i.e., 50 mph increased to 70 mph is a 40 percent increase in speed, while kinetic energy increases 96 percent).
    • The stopping distance for a passenger car on dry asphalt increases from 229 feet at 50 mph to 387 feet at 70 mph - a 69 percent increase in stopping distance. Traveling at 75mph vs 65mph only saves 6 minutes per hour of driving, yet increases risk of fatality by 33%

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