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We manage county fiscal information while helping to acquire the necessary goods and services to make our county run smoothly

Clackamas County takes the responsibility of managing public dollars very seriously. Every day, we try to be as efficient as possible with our residents’ tax dollars. But we don’t want residents to simply take our word for it. That’s why we have audit measures in place.

Clackamas County has been awarded The Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. The Department of Finance centers its mission on the values of accountability, customer service and integrity. Our team serves the public and internal customers by providing timely and accurate fiscal information, evaluating financial alternatives and coordinating among departments to meet the county's public service goals. We also manage the acquisition of county goods and services, and we maintain sound, healthy and accessible county buildings and other facilities, protecting the county's investment in our public spaces.

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The Accounts Payable (AP) staff processes payment requests on a weekly basis for goods and services received by the County as well as employee reimbursements. The AP staff also maintains the payable vendor listings and Federal 1099 tax information and reporting. They also manage the County’s P-Card program.


The Accounts Receivable staff receipts and processes for deposit all payments received in the Finance Division. They also prepare and send invoices to both internal and external customers for services provided by various county departments. They also monitor and report Transient Lodging Tax collections.


Auditing awardsThe Deputy Director oversees and coordinates production of the county's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR). The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada has awarded certificates of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting to Clackamas County for its ACFR for each of the fiscal years 1991–2020. The Certificate of Achievement is a prestigious national award, recognizing conformance with the highest standards for preparation of state and local government financial reports.


Budget awardsThe Budget Office is responsible for coordinating the budget process throughout the year. The cycle begins with analysis of departmental funding requests, continues through Budget Committee review and approval, and on to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption of the budget for the new fiscal year. The process continues as the year unfolds with revenue and expenditure monitoring and budget changes as approved by the Board. The Budget Office also produces the county cost allocation and indirect cost plans.

The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada has given its Distinguished Budget Presentation Award to Clackamas County for each fiscal year since 1993. This award recognizes the effectiveness of the budget as a policy document, operating guide, financial plan and communications device as determined through an extensive review process. This award is difficult to attain and we are proud to continue to receive it.

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The Grants Financial Management workgroup provides professional services to all County Departments and Agencies. This includes but is not limited to: grants financial management, fiscal oversight, fiscal reporting, sub-recipient monitoring and training. In addition, we compile the annual Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) and coordinate the annual audit of Federal Grants.

The Grants Management Manual is the policy of the county and was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on May 10, 2016


Payroll processes bi-weekly paychecks for over 2,000 county employees as well as Housing Authority, Mental Health and Community Solutions clients, Election Board and Workers' Compensation checks and reports to PERS.


The Red Soils Campus is a mixed-use, approximately 68-acre site in Oregon City. Most of Clackamas County’s government services and facilities are located at Red Soils.

The master plan aims to guide development of the campus over the next 20 years, integrating public civic areas, private commercial development, sustainable design and building practices, and open spaces.

Red Soils Master Plan



Financial Reports and Monthly Expenditures

Comprehensive annual financial reports, various district audits and monthly expenditures.

Short Term Rentals (STR)

In September 2023, the Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved STR rules and regulations after two public hearings were held on the issue. The regulations, which only affect STRs in unincorporated areas of the county, take effect on Dec. 7, 2023. 

STR registrations by owners/operators are due to Clackamas County by end of day on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Per the regulations, registration for owners/operators is mandated. No STR may be publicly advertised for rent unless it has been registered with Clackamas County. 

Transient Lodging Tax

This tax is paid by people staying overnight in all Clackamas County lodging establishments/transient lodging for a period of up to 30 consecutive calendar days (Transient Lodging Tax Ordinance 8.02). Operators or intermediaries renting transient lodging, must register with the county and collect a 6% tax from occupants.


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