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An animated picture of the earth with green trees and solar and other sustainable items coming out of it.

Over fifty years ago, people took to the streets to champion the planet, spurring a movement that has lasted decades. Earth Day brings a time to reflect on and celebrate these environmental efforts, but it’s also a time to recognize the work that still needs to be done. In that spirit, "Invest In Our Planet" is the theme of Earth Day 2022. The goal? To focus on steps we all can take to keep our planet clean and healthy, “because a green future is a prosperous future.”

Today brings different challenges and opportunities when it comes to taking care of our planet. Here in Clackamas County, we care deeply about doing our part to address the climate crisis. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to adopt a Climate Action Plan to make our county carbon-neutral by 2050.

Make Earth Day every day

Check out our list of 50+ ways you can take action

  1. Bring your own durable shopping bags (where and when possible)
  2. Recycle right
  3. Detox: Make your own greener cleaners
  4. Choose local, organic food
  5. Shift towards a more plant-based diet
  6. Plan your meals and your shopping to waste less food
  7. Keep track of what you throw away for a week to identify ways to reduce it
  8. Switch to durable, reusable mugs for beverages
  9. If something breaks or stops working, try fixing it first rather than buying a replacement
  10. Have a buy-nothing week
  11. Watch The Story of Plastic
  12. Get rid of your household hazardous chemicals and replace them with non-toxic options
  13. Use the ReDirect shopping guide
  14. Buy used (thrift, Canby ReStore, etc.)
  15. Compost your food waste
  16. Shift to durable plates and utensils
  17. Look for products with recycled content

Eat Vegetarian


The Sustainability & Solid Waste team pose with their personal Earth Day pledges.

Join the partnership for the planet!

It’s time to learn more and take action—together.