Food Facilities

Temporary modifications to commercial, industrial and institutional land uses may be requested to support physical distancing
If your business or organization is on land zoned for commercial, industrial or institutional use, you may ask to have specific provisions of county ordinance waived to allow for temporary modifications to allow for physical distancing and other actions to keep people safe from COVID-19. News release 

To request a waiver, please contact Planning & Zoning at or 503-742-4500. All requests must be reviewed by Planning, Development Services and Public Health staff, and have to be approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Public Health Licensing Information


A Public Health plan review is required for new restaurants, before remodeling or when the menu is changed. The Public Health review is separate from the building department plan review.

Temporary Restaurants

A temporary restaurant requires a license when food is prepared or served for consumption by the public at events.

Foods Exempt from Licensing

Applies to Special Events ONLY — a temporary restaurant serving only non-potentially hazardous foods may be exempt from licensing and may need to submit a one-time Exempt Foods Agreement Form. 

Check Food Code Fact Sheet # 16: Foods Exempt from Licensing by the Local Public Health Authority at Temporary Events to see if this exemption applies to your food booth, and if you are required to submit the agreement form. 

Exempt Food Agreement Forms should be submitted to Clackamas County Environmental Health with a $50.00 administrative fee. 

Approved Exempt Food Agreement Forms do not expire; you must have a copy of your approved agreement form in your booth at all events and follow all of the requirements to remain exempt from temporary restaurant licensing. 

Approved Exempt Food Agreement Forms are portable throughout the state of Oregon. 

Please note: the regulatory authority may require a food establishment license if there are food safety concerns associated with an exempt food service operation. 

Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks)

Food trucks are subject to the Oregon Food Sanitation Rules and must be licensed. A Public Health plan review is required for new mobile food units, remodeled units or when the menu is changed.

Vending Machine Licenses

Vending machines that dispense potentially hazardous (perishable) food or unpackaged drinks must be licensed.

  • For licensing information, please call 503-655-8384.

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