Summer Road Maintenance Projects

Last updated March 21, 2019

Bridge maintenance

Our 180 bridges are inspected every 2 years and through those inspections we sometimes find repair and maintenance work that needs to be done to preserve the bridge structure and keep it safe for travelers. That work often includes bridge scour projects, either removing excess soil from stream channels or replacing soil around foundations that has been washed away during high water events.

Bridge repair projects are currently being developed for 2018. Additional projects will be added to the list below. For details, click on the project name.

Questions? Contact Devin Patterson at or 503-742-4666.

Chip seal

A chip seal is a coating of liquid asphalt and rock chips applied to the existing roadway to extend the life of the pavement. Learn more about our chip seal program.

Pavement preservation

Pavement preservation is the placement of hot mix asphaltic concrete on an existing road surface to extend the life of road by adding structure to the road, remedy pavement distresses, and maintain a road's condition to a level where the road doesn't have to be reconstructed in the future.

See the Transportation Projects Map for paving project locations. This year's scheduled pavement preservation program includes over 15 miles of roads in unincorporated Clackamas County, including the following large projects:

Beavercreek area: 5 miles

  • Beavercreek Road: Upper Highland Road to Henrici Road

Wilsonville area: 7 miles

  • Wilsonville Road: County line to Willamette Way
  • Ladd Hill Road: Wilsonville Road to Heater Road
  • Heater Road: Ladd Hill Road to Coral Creek Road

Damascus area: 3 miles

  • Borges Road: Tillstrom Road to 222nd Dr
  • Kingswood Ct: Kingswood Way to end-of-county maintenance
  • Kingswood Way: Borges Road to Yellowhammer St.
  • Trillium Ct: Kingswood Way to end-of-county maintenance
  • Yellowhammer St: west dead end to end-of-county maintenance

For the remaining 3 miles of road paving work, our crews will repair short spans of roadway throughout the county, including:

  • digging out and repaving rough pavement
  • sealing cracks
  • repairing slides

Questions? Contact Project Manager Vince Hall at or 503-650-3210.

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