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Learn how the WES Advisory Committee is educating stakeholders about what WES is doing to build a resilient, clean water future where people and businesses benefit, and our rivers thrive.

The Clackamas Water Environment Services (WES) Advisory Committee provides input and makes recommendations on surface water and wastewater issues to WES and the BCC. Additionally, the committee:

  • Provides a forum for coordinating, learning, understanding and gathering input on surface water and wastewater plans, policies, rules and regulations, fees, and projects;
  • Reviews, discusses and makes recommendations on proposed operational and multi-zone capital improvements to the region's surface water and wastewater treatment systems, master plans, investment strategies and capital projects; and
  • Advises on and supports the implementation of educational and public engagement strategies on issues relating to wastewater services, bio-solids management, surface water management, watershed health, erosion control and other related topics.

Members have experience and/or background in wastewater management, watershed health and restoration, economic development, and surface water. Members must reside or work within the WES service area.

WES serves the cities of Gladstone, Happy Valley, Johnson City, Milwaukie, Oregon City, West Linn, Rivergrove and the communities of unincorporated Clackamas County.

Committee membership includes:

  • 6 ratepayers from cities in WES service area
    • Christopher Bowker, Gladstone
    • Greg DiLoreto, West Linn
    • Anthony Fields, Milwaukie
    • William Gifford, Oregon City
    • Brian Johnson (serving in dual capacities)
    • Michael Morrow, Happy Valley
  • 2 ratepayers from unincorporated Clackamas County
    • Kathryn Miller, Unincorporated representative
    • Rita Baker, Unincorporated representative
  • 6 elected officials
    • Carol Bryck, West Linn City Councilor
    • David Golobay, Happy Valley City Councilor
    • Brian Johnson, Johnson City Council representative
    • Denyse McGriff, Oregon City Mayor
    • Michael Milch, Gladstone City Mayor
    • Adam Khosroabadi, Milwaukie City Councilor
  • 2 environmental representatives
    • Neil Schulman, North Clackamas Watersheds Council
    • Renee Harber, Environmental Learning Center at Clackamas Community College
  • 2 members of development community
    • Preston Korst, Home Building Association of Greater Portland
    • Roseann Johnson, Lennar Homes
  • 2 business owners or managers
    • Christina Brow, SLR Consulting
    • Richard Craven, Retired
  • County Board Liaisons
    • Martha Schrader, Commissioner;
    • Mark Shull, Commissioner Liaison alternate


After the formalization of the Water Environment Services (WES) partnership between Clackamas County Service District No. 1 (CCSD#1), Tri-City Service District (TCSD) and the Surface Water Management Agency of Clackamas County (SWMACC) in 2016, the Board of County Commissioners of Clackamas County (BCC) acting as the governing body of WES, approved a standing advisory committee consisting of customers, stakeholders and city representatives referred to as the Water Environment Services Advisory Committee. The committee held its first meeting on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018. 

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WES Technical Advisory Team

The Technical Advisory Team (TAT) is a group of technical experts from WES and its member communities, the cities of Gladstone, Happy Valley, Johnson City, Milwaukie, Oregon City, and West Linn. The TAT is comprised of WES engineers, city public works directors, and city engineers and technical staff who meet quarterly to share knowledge and collaborate on sanitary sewer infrastructure issues.

The purpose of the WES TAT is to: 

  • Provide a forum for technical staff to collaborate and share knowledge on sanitary sewer related issues. 
  • Provide a forum for coordinating, learning, understanding and gathering input on wastewater plans and projects. 
  • Review City proposals for funding under the Regional Inflow and Infiltration Reduction IGA.

The WES TAT is intended to strengthen WES’ relationships with city technical staff for the purpose of maintaining a strong and cohesive wastewater collection system.

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