Assistance for Property Managers at Multifamily Communities

Oregon’s Opportunity to Recycle Act requires property managers of multifamily communities with 5+ units to: (1) provide residents with access to recycling (mixed and glass) and (2) educate residents at move-in and at least annually, thereafter. We can help by offering recycling resources and services to meet the unique needs of your community.

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We offer free recycling resources and services to meet the unique needs of multifamily communities. This includes:

  • recycling guides for new resident move-in packets - available in five languages,
  • easy-to-read recycling stickers for bins and signs for enclosures,
  • presentations, trainings, and events for residents of multifamily communities,
  • and more!

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Tips for Success

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Having a successful garbage and recycling system in your community benefits everyone: property managers, residents, maintenance staff, and the collector. It can also help keep your costs manageable and predictable. Below are a few things you can do to get your community off on the right foot (don’t hesitate to contact us for help):

  • Ensure garbage, mixed recycling, and glass recycling are available on-site (studies show for best results, place all three containers together).
  • “Right-size your service” – make sure you have enough container space (no overflow), but not too much (consistently empty space adds to your costs).
  • Encourage residents to recycle correctly by providing educational materials.
  • Don’t let overflow or bulky waste accumulate – it only encourages more! Contact your collector for pick-up.
  • To effectively manage bulky waste, have a plan:
    • Provide our Reuse Flyer at move-out for donation options
    • Designate a place for residents to place their bulky items that does not cause safety concerns or block access to garbage and recycling
    • Develop a cost-sharing plan for residents and property managers to split the cost of disposal of large, unwanted items
  • Reuse is a great alternative to waste - plan an annual or ongoing swap event for residents to swap unwanted items (large or small).

Dispose of Waste

Opportunities for Multifamily Communities

  • Incentives offered through Energy Trust of Oregon for energy-saving retrofits such as window replacements, insulation, sealing gaps and cracks, and heating and cooling systems.
  • Discounted paint through MetroPaint
  • Become a Leader in Sustainability – join the network of other sustainable businesses in Clackamas County



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