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Board of County Commissioners

Clackamas County is proud of the essential housing and homelessness programs we…

Disaster Management, Wildfires, All County
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High winds and the threat of wildfires can lead to power outages.

Board of County Commissioners

Commissioners held joint session to select a replacement.

Health Housing and Human Services, Behavioral Health

When we look at county and state data, older adults are dying from suicide more…

Health Housing and Human Services, Housing Authority, Transitional Housing
Door opens into motel bedroom
Community Involvement, Forestry

Clackamas County Commissioners are seeking interested residents to serve on…

Water Environment Services
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Pays sewer and surface water bills for eligible households.

Board of County Commissioners

Following the resignation of State Rep. Anna Williams, Clackamas County, Hood…

District Attorney
Candid photo of Alex Hayes smiling

On Aug. 18, #ClackCo Deputy District Attorney Alex Hayes was honored as the…

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Clackamas County’s Special Election, which includes an Oregon City mayoral…

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation
Fiesta Latina

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) will host a late-summer “…